Introduction to Transgender Care

Transgender patients are men and women who identify as a gender different from that assigned to them at birth.  The dominant allopathic medical establishment has undergone a revolution in  how it understands and treats transpatients.  Earlier, doctors treated transpatients as people having an underlying abnormality that needs to be corrected psychologically to  a condition that exists within the spectrum of normality. Although the medical establishment has been slow to develop a true understanding transmen and women, its medical reconceptualization of trans identity has been an important contributor to the wider social acceptance of trans individuals.  Currently, the medical establishment has defined transpatients as having gender dysphoria – which is a conflict between the patient’s assigned gender and their actual gender.  One treatment for this condition is surgery to make the patient’s physical appearance congruent with their actual gender.  The spectrum of surgical needs for transpatients is broad and can range from hormonal therapy alone to top and bottom gender reassignment surgery.

I’m proud to play a role in helping my transpatients alleviate their gender dysphoria.  Our practice offers a variety of gender affirming genital surgeries including orchiectomy, vaginoplasty, metoidioplasty with or without urethral lengthening and some types of phalloplasties.

See Dr. Purohit’s full lecture video here: Introduction to Gender Affirmation Surgery – Rajveer Purohit MD, MPH

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