F2M Female to Male Surgery: Metoidioplasty

During metoidioplasty, your surgeon creates a penis with the help of genital tissues that you already have. Prior to surgery, doctors suggest testosterone therapy to make the clitoris grow. Then, the surgeon will perform a metoidioplasty. This surgical procedure is less extensive than phalloplasty. After going through metoidioplasty, you can undergo a phalloplasty surgery. However, the process is non-reversible.

Dr. Purohit offers one of the best metoidioplasty surgeries in the United states for your gender affirmation. Patients should be 18 and older and have lived with their identified gender for at least 1 year per WPATH guidelines.

Metoidioplasty and other types of gender affiliation surgeries help gender diverse people to recognize and affirm their gender identity. The surgery of the genitals is called bottom surgery. Metoidioplasty is one of the bottom surgeries that creates a new penis by undergoing surgery on their existing genital tissues.

Metoidioplasty Procedure F2M Trans Surgery

Types of Metoidioplasty

When you decide to undergo metoidioplasty, the surgeon will ask you to choose from between four basic types of procedures:

Simple Release

Many surgeons also call the procedure simple metoidioplasty. In this method, the surgeon will release the connection of your clitoris from surrounding tissues. This method will increase the exposure and size of your penis. The simple release does not affect the vagina or create a new urethra.

Full Metoidioplasty

In full metoidioplasty, the surgeons will release your clitoris from the surrounding tissues and link it to the urethra with the help of neophallus. They might also remove your vagina through vaginectomy and add scrotal implants.

Ring Metoidioplasty

When the surgeon performs ring metoidioplasty, they will take skin from your vaginal walls. Then they will combine the flap with the labia majora and connect with the neophallus and urethra.

Centurion Metoidioplasty

In this method, the ligaments from the labia majora will spread around the labia. Then, the labia will surround the new penis. This method may provide extra girth

Eligibility for Metoidioplasty

When opting for surgery, surgeons will give you an option to think about the changes. To get ready for the surgery, you need to adopt various changes and explore the option medically and socially. People who undergo surgery already take measures for the change, such as chest surgery and supplements for hormones. Furthermore, to go through metoidioplasty surgery, you need to be 18 years old.

Metoidioplasty Procedure | F2M Trans Gender Surgery

How does this Procedure Work

This surgery requires 2-4 hours typically. However, the duration of the surgery also depends on the surgeon you select for the metoidioplasty procedure such as vaginectomy or not. You will need general anesthesia.

In addition to the metoidioplasty a scrotoplasty is often also performed.  A phalloplasty may be considered after the metoidioplasty but typically it can take up to three to six months from the first surgery to another. After the surgery, most patients stay in the hospital between 1-2 days. This depends on your surgeon and how the procedure goes.


After the surgery is complete, you will have 4 to 10 cm of a penis. However, penetrative sex with this length may be difficult. You can go through phalloplasty after the metoidioplasty. An implant after this may allow penetrative sex.  With a successful metoidioplasty, you will experience a arousal and sensation in your penis.

Finding a Surgeon

The efficiency and accuracy of the surgery depend on the expertise of the surgeons. So you need to make sure that you are visiting a surgeon who is experienced and has the capabilities to perform your surgery.

Dr. Purohit will carefully analyze your condition and have a specialty to perform successful surgeries. Here are some qualities of our surgeon:

  • Extensive experience and are highly trained
  • You can find our success rate by communicating with our patients
  • An extensive range of techniques and surgeries is offered


In short, metoidioplasty is a surgery that helps to create a penis from your genital tissues. In this procedure, you may consider a urethroplasty and vaginectomy. Having a scrotoplasty along with testicular implants is your choice. The procedure will create a 4 to 10 cm long penis. However, the sensitivity and erection will be normal.

When you undergo phalloplasty, you develop a longer penis with a similar procedure. But to experience an erection, various additional surgeries are necessary. You need to research all the methods and techniques before deciding the procedure. Although metoidioplasty is an expensive surgery, many insurance companies offer this surgery in their plan and we can help you get covered.

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